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Your support assists Kentucky artists.

Your gift provides opportunities for local Kentucky artists to thrive.

ABOUT Art Inc. Kentucky

Art Inc. Kentucky (, a Community Ventures social enterprise, is a non-profit, member-focused business and marketing incubator for artists and creatives, providing emerging and established artists and creatives with the services, resources, and educational opportunities needed to broaden their exposure, increase their income, and build long-term sustainable businesses. Art Inc. Kentucky also works to encourage cultural, economic and social investments in the community.

Our mission is to provide business building, exposure generating and revenue producing opportunities to artists and creatives while helping to stimulate cultural, social and economic activity in our community.


Art Inc, Kentucky showcases exceptional contemporary art from some of the region’s most promising emerging and established artists. We offer a rich diversity of original works in a variety of mediums and also contribute to the community's understanding and appreciation of art through exhibitions, artists' demonstrations and workshops.


We help Kentucky artists' thrive by creating opportunities for each of our members to convert their passion for art into a sustainable life endeavor. Through our business and technical training, we assist our members close significant gaps on the business side of their work, giving them the tools to grow their income and develop and pursue attainable business goals as artists.


Art Inc. operates with the belief that artists can thrive abundantly when they live and work in supportive, culturally dynamic, and creatively diverse environments. Beyond the needs of each individual artists, our mission serves the greater community by using the arts to build pathways towards meaningful economic and social empowerment in areas that suffer from the weight of economic distress.

We are actively fostering an environment that allows artists and creatives to gather in community around studio spaces, gallery sales opportunities, and a living-working neighborhood to ensure their rich voices flourish. Your support allows us to continue this valuable effort to advance the important voices our artists speak.

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